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How to Get Your Pet Related Company Funded on

Recently the team at The Dog Walking Co. completed a successful Indiegogo campaign to help fund the development of their website. If you’re not familiar with their business, they are creating an online platform to help find local, trustworthy dog walkers. They train, insure, and vet anyone who creates a profile to become a dog walker through background checks, reference checks, and interviews.

Following are their strategies for successfully meeting their goal of raising $12,000 on Indiegogo. Thank you for sharing!

1. Tell your story

When creating a crowdfunding campaign like this for your pet-related project be sure to completely fill out and answer every question on the form. Tell the story of why you want to do this project and what you need the money for. Perhaps you need supplies to create your own homemade dog treats, or maybe you’re raising money for your favorite dog rescue. You also want to attach pictures and a video explaining your project. You want to make it as interactive as possible.

2. Pick creative prizes

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow you to create prizes that you may give to your supporters as a thank you for their contribution. These are fun ways to interact with your contributors and makes the contribution seem more worth it. Some prizes we gave out were dog bandanas, frisbees, t-shirts, and even training sessions!

3. Work your network

Share. Share. Share. Once your campaign has launched, you need to share your campaign as much as you can via Twitter, Facebook, and email. Get your friends and family and as many people as possible to share for you. Make sure to work your network as much as possible. We worked with pet blogs like to help get some shares to make sure as many people saw our campaign as possible.

By reaching out to as many people to contribute as possible we were also able to obtain a $500 grant once we reached 100 funders. This was a great strategy because it was able to motivate others to donate, even if it was just $1. The more funders you get the better, because it makes it more and more likely you will be featured on the front page of the Indiegogo website.

4. Update your contributors

It is important to provide frequent updates on what you are doing and how the campaign is going. These can be made through Indiegogo and will be sent to your contributors. This way you can remind those who contributed to help spread the word for you and thank them for your contribution. We provided updates on how our site is looking these days to our contributors. This allowed us to more actively interact with our contributors.

4. Thank all who contributed!

Once you’ve hit your goal, be sure to send out a thank you to everyone who contributed. They were all part of your success! Make sure you keep people updated on the progress for the campaign milestones and prize delivery so they can continue to stay engaged.


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The Dog Walking Co is a Los Angeles startup dedicated to training and insuring dog walkers and promoting them on our online market place. Now finding a reliable dog walker is easier than ever. We donate 10% of our profits to the animal rescues and shelters we partner with. Like us on Facebook at!

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