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How to Make Money With Dogs

Most people enjoy their dogs, and staying at home and making a living while enjoying the companionship of their best friend is like a dream come true. Learning how to make money with dogs just takes a little ingenuity and creativity within your own limitations and talents. Things like walking dogs, grooming, building dog houses, etc. are a dime a dozen ideas that many never think of doing while sitting around lamenting “I wish I could make a little extra money.” Customers are those who cannot find the time and are willing to pay for someone to help out with their dog, or the elderly and disabled who are unable to walk or care adequately for their pets.

How to Make Money With Dogs: “Walking the Dog”

Walking dogs is something many people cannot do.  Due to physical or mental disabilities, the elderly or disabled would more than appreciate someone walking their dog. Putting out flyers or placing an ad in the local newspaper may find more business than can be handled. Places like vet offices, shelters, and high traffic stores and buildings bulletin boards are excellent places to begin your business.

Start out with a “special price” which is low-in-price to show the client you are dependable and will get along with their dog beginning with an initial meeting to discuss prices, where you will walk, how long you will walk, etc. See how things work out for a short period of time (say two weeks) and then go to a standard price. The walks usually range from 30  minutes up to one hour, with prices starting at $5-$10 per half hour…depending on the location. Many people today require background checks through the police, which should be provided to new clients you do not know.

How to Make Money With Dogs: “Bathing Dogs”

Grooming dogs is a job which requires an education and degree which definitely will pay off, but many people simply need their dog bathed or brushed. Due to arthritis or physical handicaps, they may find this difficult to do. They can provide their own shampoo, brushes, combs, toenail clippers, etc. and you can go to their home where their dog is the most comfortable with their owner nearby. Another option is taking the dog to your home if you have bathing supplies, but the price would need to be adjusted if this is the method you choose.  Petco grooming prices range from $20 to $30 dollars depending on the dog, but home prices should be less to entice new customers and because you will be in their home with their supplies.

Clipping toenails is a touchy subject which can cause excessive bleeding if not done correctly. Make sure you know how before attempting to do so, as clipping incorrectly and too deeply will hurt the dog’s. An excellent article is at Washington State University.

How to Make Money With Dogs: “Raking Dog Yards”

Keeping dog exercise areas clean is a job most people do not like to do, or simply cannot due to health or disability reasons. Yet is is a job that needs to be done either on a daily basis or every other day. Unfortunately, many people even wait longer which requires the neighbors to start complaining. Supplying a rake/shovel or purchasing a quality pooper-scooper are considered the “tools of the trade” in addition to supplying bags which should be tied and placed in the customer’s trash can.

Prices start at $15 per dog per week, with one to three visits per week depending on the amount of dogs in the customer’s home. Of course, large yards or extra dirty yards will be charged more. An excellent article is at!

How to Make Money With Dogs: “Cleaning Dog Houses”

Many people have dog houses which require maintenance or have not been touched since they bought their elderly dog. Two options can be provided: paint the wooden dog house or scrub down the igloo down house. The inside will need to be cleaned out either way. Prices will vary depending on which type of job is needed, and what the customer wants to pay. Painting will cost more, and depends on who provides the paint, brush and cleaner.


The Cinnamon Trust – The National Charity for the elderly and their pets in the UK

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