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How to Train Your Dog To Behave with Kids

Your child’s first best friend is the family dog and in order to make them best friends it is important that your dog can tolerate your child. Children are known for aggravating dogs because of the constant noise or movements they are making and if your dog is not used to those things, it can be hard for your dog to adapt to a child.

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Here are a few ways to train your dog to behave well with your children:

Start early: Training your dog to be tolerant as soon as possible is best for everyone. Not only does it mean it will be easier for your dog but it will last their lifetime. So if you have a young dog, start immediately. You can also train an older dog before a child comes, but it will be harder.

Teach tolerance: You want your dog to have a high tolerance to many things like noise, volume, pulling, taking toys, touching food, falling on etc. Whatever you think your child will or can do to your dog, will most likely happen. So it’s best to prepare your dog for what is to come.

While your dog is eating, practice taking its food bowl away and sticking your hands in their bowl while eating. This may cause some growling and if it does reprimand the dog with a stern ‘no’ and return the food once the dog has behaved and then reinforce with ‘good dog’ etc.

While your dog is eating, sleeping, playing or sitting-tug on their body. Gently at first. This will prepare the dog for any toddler hands grabbing their ears, tails and legs etc. Do this action over and over again. Always reinforce with treats and praise.

To get your do used to the loud noises, turn the television, radio and toys up as loud as you can and place near the dog. They will be uncomfortable but reassure them that they are okay. This includes making crying noises and other things.

Toys, chews, treats and beds are where dogs tend to be very territorial, so practice taking and moving the toys as they are using them. Your dog will eventually get used to this idea.

Always reinforce good behavior and be patient with your dog, especially if they are older. It’s hard for a dog to change and adapt to a new environment with a child. Teach your children to be respectful and mindful of the family pet as well. It can be a hard adjustment period but be on the lookout and work on it. The earlier you start the better your home will be for both dog and child. Happy training!

Author: Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, parenting, child care and babysitting.

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