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Insurance for Dogs – A Necessity in Today’s Society

Insurance for dogs

… is fast becoming a necessity for dog owners, with dog insurance and problems going hand-in-hand in today’s society. When we think of dog insurance, what comes to mind are dog health issues—diabetes, excessive vomiting, Cushing’s disease, arthritis, liver problems, severe diarrhea, and emergency surgeries for our beloved pet. But there are many other kinds of insurance for dogs, like renters and homeowners insurance that covers dog-bite insurance claims.

Nancy with her Miss Holly Higgins. Recently dachshunds were listed as being one of the more aggressive breeds. Yet all dogs will bite or attack if provoked!

The dog insurance industry began about seven years ago, with claims from biting dogs topping the $400 million dollar mark by the end of 2009. This is responsible for more than one-third of the homeowner insurance liability claims that were paid out. Meanwhile, the average costs of dog bite claims in 2009 were $24,840 – up approximately 1.5 percent since the year before. Even though the cost of the claims is up 30% since 2003, the number of dog-bite claims has decreased two percent in that same period regarding insurance for dogs. The individuals who are responsible for covering dog-bite liability insurance claims are the homeowners and renters insurance. This runs up to $300 dollars a year for approximately one million dollars of personal excess liability insurance.

The point is, any dog can and will bite, depending on the circumstances — with or without a background of aggressiveness. For this reason, having insurance to cover dog bites is vital for the dog owner. Surveys from insurance for dogs show us that male dogs will bite more often, especially those that are of the larger breeds. Also, men are usually bitten more than women, and children are bitten more than either. But with the recent media focus on children and people being attacked or killed by dogs, several breeds of dogs are being targeted unfairly due to the media hype.

Dogs bite for many reasons

  • Dogs can become frightened unexpectedly and react instinctively.
  • Most dogs will react quickly to being disturbed as they are afraid.
  • Dogs that are loose and frightened are more prone to bite.
  • Dogs may bite young children who squeal and run around, viewing them as hunted prey.
  • Dogs usually bite young children who are left unsupervised, as young children can provoke the dog unintentionally. Unfortunately, the dog is the one who is punished or placed in a shelter.

Dog Insurance for Canine Inflicted Injuries

It is necessary that every dog owner has homeowners or renters insurance with the policy needing to include canine inflicted injuries. This is because every dog owner is subject to the possible liability of dog bites or any physical injury by their dog. Even if the dog has not bitten or was provokes, it is the word of the victim against you. Dog bites happen to a family member or close friend, with each incident recorded as a “dog bite” once the victim goes to a medical clinic or hospital. Most children are taken into a medical facility regardless of the severity of the bite or injury even though most of them are severe — due to the child’s age, size and mental state. This accounts for the large numbers of child bites on record, numbers supplied to dog bite surveys.

Nancy and little 3 lb. Tilly Mae, a rattie/pom hybrid. And yes....she does bite if she is afraid!

In addition to renters and homeowners insurance with policies for dog bites, automobile liability insurance covers dog bites in cares, landlord insurance covers the landlord from claims originating from the renters’ dogs – but does not cover the renter himself. Also, workers compensation coverage can also apply to dog bites or canine-inflicted injuries which occur on the job. Dog liability insurance is sold through many companies.

Due to the rise in dog bite claims, the insurance industry is trying to sell homeowner insurance policies without covering dog inflicted injuries. Other insurance companies are refusing to sell to owners of aggressive dog breeds – Chow, Pit Bull, Rottweiler and Akita – while others refuse to sell to any homeowner who owns a dog, regardless of the breed. For this reason, refuse to buy any insurance policy unless the option of a supplemental policy covers the dog injuries.

Someone needs to be legally responsible for the dog bite – the dog owner or the victim –with different types of insurance available. Not all attacking dogs live in the home. Some examples may be an unpaid pet sitter, an unpaid dog walker, or someone who takes the dog to a beach or park without the permission of the dog owner. Paid individuals who are in the dog businesses have their own dog liability insurance. The bottom line is this –if you have a dog[s], insurance for dogs should be mandatory to cover yourself, your dog and the victim.  It is less expensive than being sued.

Keep Yourself Informed About Dog Insurance and Protect Yourself!


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  2. August 26, 2010 at 9:40 am — Reply

    Actually, the pet insurance industry began in the 1980s and I used to try and get people to sign up–back then most didn’t get how it could be helpful but today it isn’t really and optional insurance based on the wellness visit and specialty fees which could land you in some serious trouble financially.

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  4. August 23, 2010 at 11:31 am — Reply

    There is a significant increase in the number of pet owners who buy them insurance. One of the reasons, perhaps, is the increasing awareness about their responsibility as pet raisers and of course, the awareness of problems they can possibly encounter should unfortunate events happen in the future – like dog bites which can cost them bigger spending.

    However, if one decides to buy an insurance for his dog – or other pets – it is important to note that he asks advice from a person he knows who has pet- related and at the same time state-specific knowledge about pet insurance policies, coverages – and their limitations.

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