Jugs of water on lawn = no dog feces nearby

It has been said by old-timers that a half empty, clear plastic bottle laid on its side (or even four or five bottles on a large lawn) will keep dogs from pooping on your grass. With some believing it is lore, hundreds of people swear by it. Besides…jugs are free once they are emptied and what do you have to lose by trying it…other than a little bit of water?

jug of waterNo scientific controlled study has been done on this yet, but for those who have decided to try it to combat piles of dog feces on their lawns every morning—a wide majority report it does actually improve matters. Other pet lovers use it to deter cats from wreaking havoc in their flower beds. These methods have been used in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

The jars used range from clear to green one-liter plastic soda bottles to opaque gallon-sized plastic milk jugs. The filled jars are planted standing straight upright or laying them on their sides, according to Snopes.com. It is known to work because of several reasons:

  • The glinting of the water in the bottles emits some special canine or feline danger signal.
  • Dogs won’t toilet near a source of drinking water
  • Dogs won’t leave feces where there is nearby food or water to be found.
  • Dogs see their reflections in the water…become disconcerted….and then leave the area.
  • The jug odor of jugs with some water and bleach combination causes dogs to leave the area.


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