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Happy and Healthy Dogs – How To Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy And Healthy This Summer

Happy and healthy dogs are what makes the world go around. As I have been working through the day, my eye keeps on catching my own little lab, asleep, cuddling his stuffed lion. It makes me wonder, am I doing enough to keep my dog happy and healthy?

It is actually quite hard to understand your dog’s mood. Obviously, if their tail is down, there is a good possibility they are feeling down themselves. But, if they are lying down spread-eagled across the floor, are they bored? Or genuinely sleepy? And … if your dog is crying, does he want food, water or go outside to toilet?

It tends to be trial and error until you get a happy response or a look of relief. But there are ways I am going to try and improve my dogs summer. You may want to think about following my lead.

yellow lab is one of the happy and healthy dogs
Credit: Flickr


A Good Night Sleep

I used to let my dog lounge on any furniture he chose. Be it my bed or the sofa. But lately he is looking a little too large for this. I have also noticed when he stretches he seems to like clawing at my favorite couch. So, I have made a decision. I will buy him his own dog bed, so he can be one of the happy and healthy dogs that have their own bed.

Now, if you do, this take into account two things. At first, your dog will not realize it is a bed. He will instead think of it as a new toy. Second, it will not seem like you have got your money’s worth. This is due to the fact some dogs are very fussy sleepers. They tend to start off one place and by the end of the night you will find them in a different room. But it is worth buying a bed. This way, they have the option of a comfortable night sleep.

Too Hot?

Recently, my friend told me about the five-second rule. I had never heard of this before but will definitely be using it in future. It means finding out if it is too hot to take your dog out for a walk. This is important in summer. Put the back of your hand on the patio. If you can not hold it there for five seconds without it hurting, it will be too hot on your dog’s paws. You can keep him cool by taking him for a swim instead. Your dog may love going for a dip in a river or lake. But check the water current before you let him jump.

Plenty of exercise for happy and healthy dogs

If we know one thing, we know most dogs love their exercise. They love new toys and balls to chase. You may want to think about buying some new pet supplies for the summer. But do make sure if it is not too hot, you take them on regular walks.

Although lately I have noticed my dog is deciding when he has walked far enough. He will lie down and wait until he thinks I have got the message. Also, I would not advise trying to bicycle with your dog, unless they are very well-trained.

I hope you find these tips helpful and you have fun with your furry little friend this summer! Happy and healthy dogs make happy and healthy dog owners.


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