Mark Zuckerberg ‘Likes’ Two New Dogs

“LA-Based Zoom Room CEO and Dog Training Expert, Jaime Van Wye Explores the 2 Dog Breeds of Mark Zuckerberg

(Guest post by Jaime Van Wye) Choosing the best dog to welcome into your family is a daunting task – even for someone like Mark Zuckerberg. It was recently reported that the famous Facebook founder has introduced not one, but two new furry friends into his lifestyle: a Komondor and a Puli.

Jaime Van Wye, expert dog trainer, and founder of the Zoom Room, weighs in on the difference between the two breeds. In addition to her expert dog training advice, her own pet dog is a Komondor: Clyde Orange, the mascot of the Zoom Room. To read Jaime’s full open letter to Zuckerberg (or anyone else contemplating these beautiful breeds) – click here.

Komondor image

Komondor, Courtesy of Mark Van Wye


  • Komondorok have been bred as livestock guard dogs originating from Hungary, and when threatened they reveal sheer athletic muscularity and a deep, ferocious bark that is sure to scare anyone. If someone is to approach your house, the Komondor will be sure to alert you by barking excessively. They have a protective instinct and will even sleep across thresholds within your house, taking position.

  • Keeping a Komondor clean as he grows up is a challenging task. Washing and shampooing a mature Komondor isn’t all that complicated, but if the task of drying is not carefully completed, the damp dog will develop mildew. You also must be sure to help the cords form evenly, separating them from one another as the matting begins around the age of nine months.

  • Due to the history of the breed, a Komondor can be a challenge to train. They have neither a prey drive, nor much of a food drive. They will rarely chase a ball and will take limited joy in toys. They’re not big eaters, making it difficult to bribe. This breed is hard to rattle, so any type of corrective training usually has little effect as they can put up with just about anything.

  • Komondorok grow to be an average of more than 30 inches tall and more than 100 pounds.
Black Puli

Pulis, Courtesy of Westminster Kennel Club


  • Pulis also hail from Hungary, and share the same corded appearance as Komodorok, however they are a lot smaller of a breed, and reach an average of 16 inches tall and 30 pounds.

  • Pulis originated as herding dogs, making them quick and agile, demanding plenty of daily exercise. As a result, the Pulis breed is fairly easier to train in agility and obedience.

  • Pulis share the exact same requirements for grooming as a Komondor, but of course, since a Puli is tiny compared to a Komondor, the entire process – especially the drying – is vastly easier.
  • The Pulis breed is incredibly loyal and penchant for protection. Despite their size, they can be strong watchmen, even without the sheer size and stature of a Komondor.

About Jaime Van Wye

Animal lover and entrepreneur Jaime Van Wye is CEO of Zoom Room, the only brick-and-mortar dog training franchise in America and the first dog agility training franchise in the world. Jaime is an expert trainer and the National Boarding Chair of the Pet Care Services Association. She has also authored the satirical self-help book, How to Have an Ill-Behaved Dog.

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2 Responses:

  1. Sally

    - 29th Sep, 11 04:09pm

    We took delivery of a Puli puppy about 2 months ago and just love him to death. I only know of 2 other Pulik where I live and not very many people know what one actually is. Definitely a more challenging breed, especially if you are new to dog training as they will constantly test you and look for mental and physical stimulation but they are also a wonderfully happy, fun and loyal breed as well.

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  2. carmen

    - 27th Feb, 11 10:02am

    truely beautiful, statuesque looking dogs. i’m very curoius to know more and whereabouts the breeders are. i have seen either a komonor or puli a couple of years back in fremantle, perth, western australia. i certainly had to look 3 times to make sure i wasn’t ‘seeing’ things!
    i remember recalling the incident to a freind describing the dod as ‘bob marley’s reincarnation’!
    any more info would be muchly appreciated!

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