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Movie Review: “The Stray” Opening on October 6, 2017 – How a Stray Dog Helps a Struggling Family Learn to Love Again

“The Stray,” with Michael Cassidy ( in Argo, Batman v. Superman, and Dawn of Justice) and Sarah Lancaster (in Chuck, Saved by the Bell, and The New Class), is a true story about how a stray dog can change everything in a struggling family’s life. Opening on October 6 in selected theaters nationwide, the movie is written and directed by Mitch Davis (“The Other Side of Heaven,” “Windrunner,”  “Rocketeer,” “Newsies,” “White Fang” and “Dead Poets Society”). Sarah Lancaster is the mother with Michael Cassidy as the father, a serious workaholic whose job is destroying his entire family,  which includes three young children.

Pluto the wonderdog drops into the household and proves that help comes from the most unlikely places.  What worries the mother is how she will find enough food for another mouth to feed. But Pluto shows that sometimes our prayers get answered in strange ways, and just maybe one dog can change everything.  Christian Davis, the family’s nine-year-old boy (Connor Corum; Heaven is for Real), is lonely and hurting for a relationship with his father and falls in love with the stray dog, who brings the family together.



The Stray family setting



The stray meme

Pluto helps the Davis family in several ways, proving he is their guardian angel.  During his life with the family, he manages to save a lost toddler, bring comfort and companionship to the 9-year-old boy, help restore a marriage, and repairs a broken father-son relationship.  What more can you ask from a stray dog with a heart of gold?

Movie clips from and about The Stray




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