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No!! My Dog is NOT for Sale!!


“Please be advised I am sick to death of receiving dog questions about my dog!”

  • Yes! He mauled 3 Muslims sitting on a rug next to my back wall!
  • Yes! He bit 6 illegals wearing Obama t-shirts!
  • Yes! He chased 5 poor people wearing John Boehner t-shirts with targets on them!
  • Yes! He pooped on 4 Democrats wearing Pelosi t-shirts!
  • Yes! He shit on 4 Republicans wearing Palin t-shirts!
  • Yes! He boycotted the Lavender G- Radio Station!
  • Yes! He refuses to eat out of his food bowl if it is served by anyone from USA Hate Groups, Tea Partyers’, or illegal immigrants!
  • Yes! He loves rapper music!
  • Yes! He laughed hysterically at 5 phone operators who asked him to press #1 for English
  • Yes! He vomited on 7 teenagers with their pants hanging down past their butt cracks!
  • Yes! He hung up on 8 customer service desk people speaking over the phone in broken English!
  • Yes! He called 911 on 10 flag burners!
  • Yes! He verbally complained loudly about a Pakistani taxi driver.


“For the LAST AND FINAL TIME! NO!! My dog is NOT for SALE

… but he says the cat is!”

dog for sale


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