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People Animal Love Teams Bring Happiness

From visiting people with Alzheimer’s, to reading with children, People Animal Love (PAL) dogs bring happiness wherever they go. Friendly, well-socialized dogs visit at one of 38 People Animal Love (PAL) sites throughout the DC metro area…bringing love and happiness to the elderly, the sick, and to help children.

People Animal Love (PAL)
provided by PAL

People Animal Love (PAL) Teams

At People Animal Love (PAL), way mellow dogs and their way mellow owners are certified as Pet Visit Teams. PAL is always looking for more dogs and owners with the right temperament because the demand for pet visits is on the rise.

More and more places are looking to bring the magic of a dog’s easy, open heart to their nursing home, library or school.

PAL Pet visiting and pet therapy

PAL pet visiting and pet therapy are also on the rise – from easing the suffering immediately following the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut to easing the stress of airline traveling at Los Angeles International Airport. Dog owners are invited to an increasing number of places to share People Animal Love (PAL) with the world what all dog owners know:

  • Dogs bring instant joy.
  • Children practice animal-friendly behavior – talking quietly, listening closely and petting softly.
  • The animal-centric PAL Club and Camp builds on low-income children’s natural affinity for animals to stimulate scientific inquiry, improve reading and math and reward good behavior.
  • PAL is helping ensure all children begin life with a solid academic foundation and meet or exceed national No Child Left Behind standards.
  • The afterschool program and summer camp are offered in partnership with DC Public Schools Out-of-School Time Office, which provides space, security, janitorial services and coordination.

People Animal Love (PAL)


People Animal Love (PAL) dogs are featured at their work on PAL’s Facebook page, where Gizmo, Biscuit and Rika are photographed receiving pets and hugs from the elderly, college students and young children learning to read.

Leveraging the human to make the DC metro community a better, richer place to live keeps People Animal Love (PAL) busy.

The medical, emotional and social benefits of pet ownership are well documented. PAL extends the benefits of the human-animal bond are well documented.

PALPeople Animal Love (PAL) extends these benefits into the community with its two programs, Pet Visiting and PAL Club & Camp.


Jack Hillelsohn, the volunteer coordinator is ready to welcome all inquiries at Information, including FAQ’s, can be found at website.





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