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Pet Groomers | What Can You Expect?

Pet groomers are important to most dog owners. If you are thinking of taking your dog to pet groomers or calling them to your home, there are a few important things to keep in mind. A groomer is someone who takes care of your pet’s hygiene, cleanliness and is also aware of the latest practices to take care of pets. In fact, you can also do pet grooming at home yourself by being a little more aware of what to do. There are different kinds of services available in this article; some are discussed below:

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Full Body groom from your pet groomer

This is particularly effective for long-haired or double-coated breeds. This includes bath; brush, face, paw,  and bottom trim. So, overall, this takes care of everything that the pet groomers are offering you. As the name suggests, the Full Body groom would include a head to toe kind of makeover for your pet.

The pet groomer would use a suitable comb or brushes for brushing your dog’s hair. There are different grooming brushes, specifically made for different hair types. Brushing gets out dirt and bugs from the dog’s hair. Bristle brushes can be used for dogs with short hair, and slicker and pin brushes are used for dogs with longer hairs. You need not brush shorthaired dogs daily, but long-haired dogs require daily brushing to prevent knotting. It also helps in keeping the coat silky and dirt-free.

In-between grooming procedures

A pet groomer can also conduct in-between procedures for your pet. These are crucial because a full grooming is not required every time. But certain aspects like nail trimming and hair grooming are vital. In-between grooming services help to remove dead hair; help prevent matting and keep dog’s coat in top condition in between each Full Body groom. 

Nail cutting

It also includes cutting nails. A pet groomer would know how to cut/trim nails correctly; this will make the trimming work easier. A dog groomer or veterinary technician should be able to guide you regarding nail trimming. Usually, dogs need monthly nail trimming. So, in between the full body groom, do get these done.

Other cleaning procedures

Regular dog grooming actions such as eyes/ears cleaning, and brushing teeth helps to maintain dog’s health. Pets are usually prone to infections. These unwanted medical problems can be avoided easily by grooming your dog on a regular basis. Pet groomers would help to minimize the risks of infections and other similar diseases by constant checking and cleaning.

Control shedding

When brushing is done, along with the dead hair cells, the parts of the dead skin are also shed. Though it is also done when bathing, special cleaning brushes help in accomplishing this task on a regular basis. Dog’s hair shedding cannot be avoided. However, regular bathing and brushing help to maintain healthy hair and it significantly reduces the number of shedding hairs. Doing so would prevent too much of pet hair around the house and help in keeping your pet healthier. You can also get their hair trimmed.


Pets obviously look better after grooming. Dog grooming action helps to keep your dog in good condition. If you do not have enough time to groom your pet, you can always contact trained professionals.

Preparing your dog for grooming

As we all know, all the members of the house most frequently and regularly touch dogs. By clipping nails and brushing hairs, you can easily teach dogs to relax and lie down calmly. Regular performance of grooming actions will help dogs get used to being touched. This way you can also help your pet adapt to new pet groomers.

These are the various services that are included in pet grooming. They are available from professional pet groomers to keep your pet clean, neat and happy.


Bio:  Melissa Hamler is a knowledgeable and excellent blogger who writes informative pieces. She is completely interested in writing on topics related to pet care, pet grooming, pet health, and much more. This above piece of advice written by Melissa can help the readers to consider important aspects to look for their pets when they are searching for groomers around the city.


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  1. February 7, 2017 at 1:57 pm — Reply

    It’s good to know a pet groomer is really beneficial to keeping your pet healthy and hygienic. The article states groomers can help with nail cutting, which I think would be really useful to have professional help with. I’ve read that dogs can bleed pretty badly if their nails are clipped too short. I know I’d want a good groomer to take care of nail clippings so I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally cutting them too short myself.

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