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Product Review: “Chef Michael’s Dog Food”

Recently we received three gift boxes of Chef Michael’s dog food — each box containing a bag of Filet Mignon dry dog food and a canned dog food. The dry food is full of what dogs need on a daily basis — made from little tender meat pieces and vegetable garnishes. Smelled delicious!

Our cats and our picky dogs loved it. They liked the filet mignon best, especially when we added a little chicken broth to it for the old girls with no teeth. The cats? They ate it any way they could sneak it. The bird … well, listen to the parrot!


“Yup… I ate some. Chef Michael’s dog food if for birds too. Who says a bird can’t eat it? What ya’ going to do about it? Wanna’ flatter nose? Sqawk!! Polly wanna’ cracker was thought up by a dog!”


Adding warm water to make a gravy, we serve up “breakfast” and believe me, animals know the difference in what they eat. Even the cat was eating out of the large serving bowl, waiting for her little bowl to be filled.  It had a nice smell to it, even for us.

As far as the moist canned food is concerned, I have three picky little dogs — two pomeranians and one pom-rat terrier cross. Every day it is a “will they” or “won’t they” when it comes to meal time. However, the canned Chef Michael’s canned moist food was chowed down in a heart beat. In fact, when I first opened the can they were telling me to get going, as they were starving! The loved the gravy in it and the taste of it. Beats any canned food I have had here so far.

Note: It has come to our attention a few individuals are slightly upset because Purina’s Chef Michael is not a real chef. Why? We cannot even begin to image this type of thinking  …. but please understand that Chef Michael is not a real person, but a reflection of many people inspiring to make mealtime special for their dogs.

Purina’s Chef Michael


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  1. Leo
    May 22, 2011 at 9:05 pm — Reply

    I really do think this dog food is worth it.

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