Product Reviews

Yes, we do product reviews! Our site was created to help our readers with dog related questions and we will shape our reviews in a way so they will be most helpful to our readers. This means that we will give an honest review with pros and cons of every product or service.

For simple products like dog leashes or food bowls we charge $100 per review. More involved reviews are priced depending on product or service and will include up to two weeks of testing (depending on the product or service) and at least two links to your website.

If you’re interested in having your product or service reviewed, please send the following information through our contact page:

– Your product name
– Your company name and URL
– A contact name and email address

We will then send you the address on where to send your sample product.

What you will receive:

– A fair review with pros and cons of your product or service. We test all products on our own dogs.
– We will allow in the comments section positive remarks, questions and constructive criticism, but not remarks that unfairly knock your product.

What we expect from you:

– Once the review is published, we’d like you to keep an eye on the post for the following week to answer any questions our readers may have about the product.




>> Please note that we have to mark every review for which we receive any type of compensation as a “paid review.”

Please contact us if you have any questions.