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Q & A: Should a rat eating dog get a rabies shot?

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“Should a rat-eating dog get a rabies shot?”

Question from Maura: I notice the other night that my Terryair was playing with a field rat on my property. Should I get him vaccinated, its been four
year since his last rabies shot. His breath smell like dead rat. What
should I do?

Answer from Nancy: Maura, I would not be as worried about rabies as I would worms and fleas the rat was carrying.  Terrier breeds have been killing rats since 1714 and it is in their blood lines. In fact, many people buy this breed to specifically kill rats.

But I would also get the rabies shot updated as four years is a long time, and like most terriers, this little fellow sounds pretty busy! But even more important, keep him free from fleas and up to date on his worming. As far as his ‘stinky breath…there are some chewies for dogs that are specifically for their breath. If you are really worried, check with your vet to see what he or she suggests. Medical research changes things, and there may be something new in the vet books regarding this subject.


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