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Here are some of the most popular questions about pet health among pet owners. As partner of a Nebraska pet rescue with pet health problems in our many elderly pets, we have seen animals arrive here with all kinds of health issues. Since starting Way Cool Dogs about two years ago this past March, we have been asked many questions about pet health  and researched even more of the major pet health issues for Way Cool Dogs…cheap pet health insurance rates, pet insurance for older pets, best joint supplement pet health, and a pet health certificate for travel.

Are there any cheap pet health insurance rates available?   

pet heatlh questions being answered

The answer to this question is yes, there are several affordable or cheap pet health insurance rates available….as long as it is understood that “we get what we pay for.” (1) Compare pet health insurance rates for the rates you can afford and the best quality of service for the age and health condition of your pet. Just because a pet health insurance company tells you they can offer cheap pet health insurance rates does not mean that it is high quality or they will stand behind their services. (2) Read reviews from their customers, (3)  check online-business references or (4) see if they are listed in the Better Business Bureau for issues or complaints. Know what you are looking for before doing a comparison.

Is pet insurance for older pets worth the money?

Pet insurance for older dogs should have different types of pet insurance rates than a younger show dog or the family puppy. Many owners of older pets feel the animal has one foot in the grave, so why spend money on them? They are partially right, as age matters along with breed when it comes to the different types of pet insurance for older pets. However, most pet health insurances have a cut-off of five years of age. So….the best thing to do is buy pet insurance before the age of five, so you will not have to worry about finding one afterwards.  Pets with pre-existing health conditions have as much difficulty of being covered as people do. But for $99 annually and a letter from your vet, you can get an affordable low-cost pet health alternative that covers medical services for older pets with pre-existing conditions at Pet Assure.

What are some of the best joint supplement pet health options?

health petOlder dogs or dogs with joint problems get to the point where they are in continuous pain, as do elderly people. The easy solution is to supply them with some form of joint supplement pet health to reduce pain and increase mobility…available for pets and humans alike. I have used  MSM for my older dogs for a couple of years and for myself. My doctor recommends the one with Glucosamine Chondroitin for more flexibility and pain relief. Before I began using MSM for my 27-year old Miniature American Eskimo and 20-year old Pomeranian,  I was using the Meloxicam non-steroid oral liquid  (Metacam). It was prescribed by my vet for both pain control and inflammation in the dogs and cats….but unfortunately has several side effects for continuous usage. So I changed over to something natural and safer, for both of us. Overall, the best joint supplement pet health options depends on the animal, its age and its medical condition.

How do I get a pet health certificate for travel?

There are several things to think about when preparing to travel with pets…getting a pet health certificate for travel should be a priority. Without it, your pet goes absolutely nowhere. Gather pet medical records that include medications and the animal’s pre-existing conditions, along with a summary of pet medical conditions. You will need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for proof of vaccinations and proof of rabies, along with a health exam by an accredited and licensed vet. Certain snub-nosed breeds like Pugs, Pekinese, Mastiffs and Bulldogs require an acclimate certificate for air travel in hot weather for some airlines.


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  1. SarahL

    - 11th Aug, 11 11:08am

    Great info thanks! All this info shows that dogs are so much like us humans – we have the same health concerns 🙂

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