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When a dog owner goes through pet loss grief, belief in dog reincarnation becomes a very controversial subject to certain people while others accept it completely. Not everyone believes in reincarnation— but some dog owners who have lost their favorite pet to death accept the fact dog communication from the other side does exist and the spirit of the dog stays close to its loved ones until the pain and healing is over.

The belief of reincarnation usually consists of an acceptance that all living things have the ability to come back to earth for a repeated lifetime. Each life is based on purposes and lessons from previous ones, with continuous lessons love, growth and increased spirituality. But the bottom line … those who love their dogs refuse to believe the animal is no longer with them. Non-caring individuals could care less.

Basis of Dog Reincarnation

To many, the belief in dog reincarnation provides solutions to unanswered questions regarding why the pet is gone and where it is at now. It also helps human grief become less painful, as salve soothes a painful wound. For those who believe in dog reincarnation, the fact there is little — if any–  scientific proof has little bearing.  However,  any form of religion or spiritual belief is hard to scientifically prove as it is based on faith alone. Dog reincarnation is no different and it is a very old system. One of the most influential reincarnation systems that was first introduced belonged to the Dali Llama systems in the early 1500s.

In the Tibetan culture, the Dalai Lama has always cherished all dogs. “A dog is more important than any other possessions. A dog has a soul and is an important member of the family. Animated things are the most important in Tibet.” (Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Culture) History has that those like the Dali Lama has a lifetime of dog reincarnations at their temples. When each of the Lamas’ dogs die, that animal is reincarnated into another Temple dog. The lore states that each dog serves two lifetimes of service, while following the ritual worship of the members such as in the forms of sacrifice and meditation. Whether this is true or not is not important, but it does form some basis for those who believe in dog reincarnation!


“All ideas which have far-reaching consequences are usually simple.” (L.N. Tolstoy)



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  1. Gagan Dua
    May 21, 2017 at 10:29 pm — Reply

    My name is Gagan Dua I am from India New dELHI I lost Brandykool ny four legged companion on 23rd Dec 2016 She was 17 and had mouth cancer They couldnot operate due to age so she was uder meditation She stopped eating was on drip fond very fond of chicken I used to give chicken soup and her med with a syringe She died in my arms after we were comign back from the vet and the vet assurance that next day they will start new treatment so that the cancer which had spread to her kneck could be controlled but it was not to happen she died in my arms after reaching home She was very fond of my wife she used to sleep with my wife and fond of my son I used to call her my mother my maternal and parental grandmother my elder taking blessings from her

    I want her back I am a Hindu I believe in reincarnation

  2. Joseph
    February 26, 2014 at 1:14 pm — Reply

    I feel my first dog after he died over a decade ago. My girlfriend often says that I am like a human dog. Could there be any connection between these through reincarnation or is it something else?

    • February 26, 2014 at 2:31 pm — Reply

      Joseph …. I assume you were very close to your dog in your life together, because he is still with you. I do not know about you being like a human dog, but I do know dogs are human in thought and emotions, as study after study has proven it.

      Reincarnation is a fascinating thing. For those who believe … it is about us coming down here in groups, life after life. You could have been your father in another life, and he could be your child or grandchild in this life. We work out plans with our higher powers to help us evolve in a more positve state to achieve the state of perfection.

      Your dog was obviously part of that plan, teaching you about love, committment and respect for another. You are still in lession as he has not left your side. He may lead you to another dog, so keep your eyes and ears open. He may evolve into that dog, or he may help you choose another dog for further lessons. If you are in touch with who you are inside, you will be aware of the connection.


      • Joseph
        February 27, 2014 at 12:08 am — Reply

        I have found another dog, who, although he is a different breed than ny first, he looks extremely similar in the face. Thank you, this truly does make me feel better.

        • February 28, 2014 at 4:59 am — Reply

          Joseph …. if this is a reincarnation of your first dog, when you make eye contact with him, there will be a slight “electrical” connection when your eyes meet. You will have a mental vision of your other dog, or a strong inner feeling of being with him. Whatever method your other dog feels you will be able to recognize him with, he will use.

          My home email is if you have any further questions.

  3. May 30, 2009 at 8:23 pm — Reply

    My daughters and I volunteer at the Boulder Humane Society and walk dogs, and I know that some of them are in the shelter a bit longer than normal because their previous owners (when the dog was with them in another life) haven’t come in to get them
    yet. And then when the owner sees them, they know that’s the dog for them. I think it’s a subconscious memory. But somehow, they know. Very cool. But do check out “Dust of 100 Dogs” if you get a chance. I wish Amy had put even more dog talk in the book, but the pirate/present day heroine story is very well written too.


  4. May 26, 2009 at 8:14 pm — Reply

    Have you read “The Dust of 100 Dogs” by A.S. King yet? It’s about a woman who gets reincarnated 100 times as a dog, and then finally as a woman again. Some very interesting dog wisdom comes through during her canine incarnations. It’s a great read and makes you wonder about humans and animals reincarnating, and what we learn and love through our journeys.

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