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How to Select the Ideal Dog Bed

All dogs need a comfortable place to sleep, so it’s your job to buy them a nice dog bed to get some quality rest in after a long day of sniffing and barking. There are lots of different dog beds out there; all varying in size, comfort, style, and price. You’ll need to make your decision based on the kind of dog you have, and the kind of lifestyle they have. Let’s take a look:

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Size of your dog’s bed

The size of your dog bed will totally depend on the size of your dog. Of course, the larger your dog, the larger the bed should be. However, bear in mind that your dog might still have some growing to do. It’s up to you if you don’t mind replacing a dog bed after it’s gotten too small, or whether you want to purchase a dog bed that’s in it for the long haul. You may need to replace it eventually anyway, especially if your dog sheds a lot or likes to get mucky.


Comfort wise, there are different constructions of dog beds you can choose. This will determine how much support your dog gets and how long the bed lasts. If you’re looking for an eco friendly model, then polyfil is a good shout. Other models such as foam, can be great for comfort. Here’s a rundown of what’s good for what kind of dog:

  • Polyfil is made from recycled plastic and can be refilled over and over again. It should be a good price too.
  • Baffled polyfil is great for support.
  • Foam is solid and has good durability. If your dog is older, a foam bed can be your best bet.


Different styles of dog beds

There are different styles of dog beds depending on your pet’s lifestyle and age. Here’s an idea of what’s on offer:

  • Bolster dog beds are good for all kinds of dog, but especially big breeds.
  • Mats and pads are sleek and offer good support. They’re economical too.
  • Nesting dog beds are very secure, perfect for little breeds and even dogs who just like to snuggle.
  • Orthopedic dog beds are made especially for dogs who are older and may have joint issues.


Budget dog beds

Your budget will have a lot to do with the kind of bed you buy, but make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest one. It’s much better to pay a little more in order for the best to last longer and be more comfortable for your dog.

Personality of your dog’s bed

With patterns and personalising options, you can make the dog bed fit in with your decor and your dog’s personality. You can have pretty much any fabric, pattern, and colour you can think of. In some cases, you could even have your pet’s name embroidered on to the bed. I’d only do this if you’re sure they won’t destroy it, however.

Conclusion of “How to Select the Ideal Dog Bed”

Now you can choose the most ideal dog bed for your canine pal. You can’t put a price on their health and comfort, so make sure you consider all of the points here before making your decision on “How to Select the Ideal Dog Bed.

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