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“To my dear friends at Way Cool Dogs:

I write to congratulate you on your most entertaining (the Halloween rules were nothing short of hilarious) and very helpful dog blog. Aside from the accounts written with great sensitivity and humour, Way Cool Dogs is chock full of useful information on almost every aspect of living with a dog, or a whole tribe of them – truly a godsend in this world of abbreviations, where everyone is in too much of a hurry to deal with anything in depth. If you ask a question about something, you get a personal, well-researched and thought-out answer, and this is so refreshing.

Keep up the good work, ladies. You are filling a great need, and I am sure the rest of your readers agree. ”

Sent by Cindi S.

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“Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for your insightful comments, and most of all for taking the time to write back to me personally in such careful detail. I am just overwhelmed, as I have grown accustomed to not expecting much from anyone. Your observations are so much to the point, I am prompted to tell you more about Blondie’s history, so enclosed is a little story, along with a ‘before’ and ‘after’…”
Sent by Cindi S.

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“Thank you for your quick response and suggestions. I appreciate your help. I sometimes tend to humanize my dog…and I have to realize that she is an animal and she will be fine. I am so glad I found your website…there might be hope with helping my cutie lose weight…and keep cool in the apartment.” (SMILE)
Sent by Louisa G.

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“Dear Nancy, Your review is wonderful and we are basking in its light…I commented on WCD that you inspire us…it’s true. Stella and I want to thank you for your warm, insightful, dog loving reviews of our Planet Of The Dogs Series. You inspire us. Many thanks from all of us — three adults, six 2/3 grandchildren and four dogs — at Barking Planet.”

Sent by Robert and Stella

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