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Dogs do not have an ego nor does any animal that has been placed on Earth – they were made ego-free. A genuine, natural organic product that was made only for our health and happiness.

Alternatively, people show their use of ego whenever the word “I” is used. It describes the inner intentions of “me” through a mental process, influencing a person’s actions, behavior, the thinking process, decisions, speech, and actions. When this happens, a person behaves in a non-spiritual manipulative manner, filled with self-centered and uncaring thoughts. Since the dog is incapable of any of these acts, one would assume that the spiritual dog is capable of a truer sense of spirituality and love than their owners could ever have. However, this is something that most loving and caring pet owners already know.

A spiritual dog
Amber's spiritual dog, Gunner . . . (Photographer: Amber Houser)

According to the beliefs in numerous Native American tribes, the Great Spirit gave the dog as a gift to those on Earth. The fact dogs were considered God-given gifts is shown through their unique behavior  – demonstrating the dog is more than capable of being and showing true spirituality. Can a dog say, “I believe” and mean it from their heart? Probably not, but neither can many people.

Besides, the dog does not need to. They live their faith every day of their lives from their hearts. They do not need to brag about their faith to those who will stand still long enough to listen – “I” went to church today. “I” gave to charity today. “I” have read my Bible today. “I” am a God-fearing person.

Yes. Yes. The world has heard how faithful the “I” is … but was faith practiced today? Faith is nothing without actions or spiritual acts toward another. A spiritual dog offers love and devotion to a caring owner and loving family without a single complaint, other than to be loved in return while wagging its happy little tail. The usual dog can be beat or seriously neglected on one hand, yet gratefully kiss the hand of a contrite dog owner the next — forgiving any abuse or neglect that has been done, intentional or not.

"It is easy to go through our days on semi-automatic, caught up in doing and thoughts about the past and the future, not experiencing the present moment in its fullness. Give your little angel a hug and thank God they are in your life." (Photographer: Nancy Houser)

Yet there is not a day goes by that the average person does not become angry or irritated at someone or something around them for any number of reasons. The misery of people and their lack of spirituality can be shown through the current 25% usage of chronic prescription medication in children and teenagers for depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), asthma, diabetes, sleeping disorders and so forth. Unfortunately, the average dog is also becoming a medicated statistics, replacing the need for better care and responsibility.

A lack of current studies on the ego and dog spirituality seems to show the world that the dog has an ego or has the need for one. And, if it was possible to conduct such a study, could it be scientifically proven without a human ego to control the study? People have a need to become self-important of who we think we are or we need to be, while a dog forgives us seventy times seven every day – following the Bible without even knowing it. This says a lot about spirituality and character, with a kindly dog does justice to a family in trouble, the same as if a kindly angel went to live with a person and forgave them for every act against them – teaching them what true spirituality was about.

“I am warning you! If another believer sins, rebuke him; then if he repents, forgive him. Even if he wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, forgive him.” (Luke 17:3-4 and Matthew 18:21-22)

Forgiving one another is what Jesus tells us to do. And … well, the majority of dogs forgive us automatically, regardless of the abuse or neglect they suffer at our hands.


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