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Three Creative Dog Collar Designs — Perfect for the Winter Season

Three creative dog collar designs are perfect for winter holidays, a time for festivities and merriment. Best of all, there is no reason why your furry friend cannot join in the fun as you both have time to spare.

Winter days are the most exciting times of the year to let your creativity run wild. You can dress your dog to match the mood of the frosty days and bluish-gray skies, ice-covered tree branches and slippery roads. You can make similar bow ties to match each other’s outfits. The sky is the limit!

If you are looking for a quick and simple dog collar for a reasonable and low-price, homemade creative dog collar designs should do the trick. Design a comfortable winter-themed collar to make sure your pet feels the spirit, staying warm at the same time.

Yearly tradition of designing or buying dog collars

It can be a yearly tradition to develop three creative dog collar designs for your dog or as gifts for the pets of friends and families. It also helps serve a practical purpose – you can give his or her everyday collar a rest while washing it well, preventing allergies, pest infestations, or infections caused by soiled and overused collars.

You can purchase dog collars easily online, having a great time choosing from an endless variety of creative designs. Or you can sit and peacefully watch it snow outside while you cut-out material designs and colors for dog collars that you have seen and liked. Pet craft shows are excellent ways to make money for dog collars that you have created throughout the year. You can also take special orders from friends and families!

creative design dog collars

Three creative dog collar designs

Here are just some of the top creative dog collar designs and dog ideas for those special winter festivities, utilizing those long winter hours:

1. Bowtie Collars

This is perhaps the easiest yet cutest way to show that your pet is in a festive mood. Formal attire is perfect for special occasions…such as photograph sets, winter birthdays, and festive celebrations. You will see your lovable fuzzy buddy in his best black tie outfit with a special bowtie collar … or maybe something more dressy and unique!

Bowtie collars are not only for the boys. Your female dog can be dressed up in a pink polka-dot bowtie or a nice striking red bowtie. It will definitely make her look very feminine yet sophisticated.

2. Striped Ribbon Collars

Stripes are a more casual yet preppy way to express that special look. It will be unique yet festive through the use of eye-pleasing color combinations. Candy color stripes are a great idea for striped ribbon collars that definitely capture the fun holiday spirit. Green and red are classic Christmas color combinations as well. Silver or gold with sparkles can be combined in one collar, for instance, for a monochromatic look for New Year’s Eve.

3. Patterned fabric collars

Patterned or printed fabric collars can be a bit bolder and definitely noticeable for creative dog collar designs. Gingham patterns are one of the most iconic and easily recognizable holiday patterns. You can choose to go in colors such as red or green. Plaid is another classic Christmas design, and these come in the usual red and green colors combined with white and black. You can also choose to go with holiday figure patterns or words with wintery meanings (i.e. cold snap, down dog coat, dog sled). Other words can be like winter birthday, Christmas dog, dog boots, earmuffs, and so on. If there are family names and words that can be used with special meanings, use them!

Choosing the right holiday dog collar

As with buying a regular dog collar, you need to choose the right size and proper fit for your dog when buying three creative dog collar designs or a making holiday collars yourself. It may be tempting to go with a great Christmas design at the store or online, if the collar does not fit your dog…do not risk it.

There are a lot of injuries and mishaps that can occur when a dog uses an ill-fitting or inappropriate collar. Not to mention, your dog will not be comfortable and will be unable to enjoy the winter spirit (you as well).

Always check the recommended collar width for the type, weight, and neck size of your dog. As with humans, not all dogs come in the same size. Obviously, a Great Dane collar will not fit a tiny Chihuahua. Or vice-versa!

A great dog collar supplier can customize a particular design for your dog. You can also engrave metal buckles with your dog’s name on them and your contact information for safety and security purposes. These three creative dog collar designs are the most important and practical accessories for a dog, giving it its own personality and character. So, you may as well have fun with it during the winter holidays by picking out the right special collar for your pet.


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