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Top Dog Toys Your Pet Must Have

Dog toys and dogs are really great together. Dogs love to play and can be fun companions for kids.  In many cases, they are almost like children for some couples. Dogs love to play and the dog market is filled with things that you can buy your dog that will bring them lots of happiness.

When you think about dog toys, the first things that come to mind are likely to be a ball or a Frisbee disc, right? Here we are going to discuss some of the best alternative toys for dogs that you must have for that favorite dog in your life!

dog toys
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Are Your New Dog Toys Good for Your Dog?

Picking out any dog toy for your dog to play with requires a little more than just paying for it. Recognizing the difference between good and bad toys is part of being a responsible dog owner. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are dog toys that can actually kill them or make them seriously ill without you ever being aware of it.

The dangerous material in dog toys is a soft vinyl called “phthalates.” If the vinyl smell stays strong as time goes on, that means there is quite a bit of phthalate that your dog will be exposed to.

Phthalate is a chemical, a salt or ester of phthalic acid, that is not only found in your dog’s toy but also:

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Food equipment & packaging
  • Building materials
  • Children’s backpacks, lunch boxes
  • Personal care products
  • Fragrances

The product adversely affects the male dog’s reproductive system the most: (1) infertility; (2) decreased sperm count; (3) undescended testes [they do not drop]; and (4) malformation of the penis.

Businesses are now demanding for more chemical transparency for all products, including dog toys. In 2017, disclosure is now growing from the chemical emissions reporting that includes chemical ingredient reporting, such as the soft vinyl, phthalate.

According to the Harvard Business Review, winning in the ‘age of radical transparency’ will bring great marketing opportunities for companies as consumers demand more information about the products they are buying.


Dog Toys Are Not Only for Playtime

Dog toys are thrown and tossed around the yard and when they are brought back to you, the dog is showing you that they are happy and want to play more. 

However, playtime is not the only thing that dog toys are good for.  In many cases, they provide a sense of bonding, they can test the dog’s brain and most of all, they can provide them with plenty of exercises.  Dog toys all do different things for the owner and the dog alike.  More and more studies by professionals are finding that the bond between a dog and its owner go much deeper than originally thought. Playtime plays a major part.

One of the best things about dog toys is that there is always something you can buy, whether you have a small dog or a pack of large dogs, toys are what you will spend the most time using with them.

dog toys
Credit: Pixabay. CC0 Public Domain

1. KONG Medium Cozie Squeak Toy

KONG is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to the pet industry.  They have created a great way to give dogs something to do, while at the same time rewarding them in the end.  In most cases, you fill your KONG with treats, and the large, rubber toy will be tossed around for hours while the dog tries to figure out ways to get to the treats.  This toy works the brain and the body, and also helps to keep the teeth clean. That’s lots of great things from just one toy.

2. Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel Toy

If your dog is like mine, then he hates the squirrels running around his yard. Dog toys that look like stuffed animals are a great way to train a dog, as well as give them a sense of accomplishment when chasing them around.  The odds are good they will never catch one in real life, but in the house, they can at least carry one around proudly.

3. Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs

Nylabone is another company that is known throughout the pet industry.  They have a variety of products, but for the most part, they create dog toys that are almost indestructible.  These hard, chew toys are great for keeping your dog busy as well as keeping the teeth clean.  Clean teeth and healthy gums are very important for the longevity of your pet.

Here you have some of the best dog toys that you can treat your dog with. After you get settled in with your new puppy and it’s time to buy your first one, this list is a great starting point!


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