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Top Training Tips for Precocious Pitbull Puppies

Pitbulls, as a breed in general, get a bad rap. Much of the public seems to think of them as something akin to monsters: dangerous, violent, slobbering mutants of dogs. As any pitbull owner knows, nothing could be farther from the truth.

When trained correctly, pitbulls are apt to be some of the friendliest, sweetest, and most loyal dogs around. But as with any breed, a pitbull’s good behavior is the responsibility of its owner’s training. Below you will find five basic, tried and true, training tips that will allow you to make sure that your precocious pitbull pup has the best life possible.

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1. Don’t use force on pitbull puppies

Too many pitbull owners – actually, dog owners in general – break down and end up using force when training their puppies. When you do this, the pitbull puppy soon learns to become fearful of you and humans in general. And fear is the number one leading cause of violent dogs.

2. Be patient with each pitbull pup

Training a new pitbull puppy is a time-consuming and lengthy process. Good manners and excellent obedience do not happen overnight. Give your pitbull pup plenty of training time, breaking sessions down into fifteen minute chunks.

3. Don’t hold grudges while training pitbulls puppies

Pitbull puppies offer their owners lots of love and companionship but they also make mistakes, especially earlier on in their training. And…just because your dog did something naughty in the past, doesn’t mean that you should punish them in the future.

A prime example is coming home to an accident on the carpet. You should not punish them for this. Instead you should wait to do so if you catch them in the act. Young dogs will associate punishment with whatever they are currently doing. So if your pitbull was sleeping when you got home, they will think that there is something wrong with sleeping. Studies show that all dogs have about a good short term memory, but their long term memory ranges from 10 to 20 seconds long.

For example, if a pitbull puppy or adult pitbull poops in the house and you scold him about it 5 minutes later, he won’t associate the scolding to pooping in the house. He’ll associate the scolding with you and pooping in general.

4. Pitbulls do better with positive reinforcement

The truth about Pitbulls is that they are not bad dogs. They just need much more positive reinforcement in their training than negative reinforcement (punishment). Praise your pitbull pup when they do something good and they will continue to do these things as they strive to make you happy.

5. Train pitbulls at the right time

Pitbull puppy training should begin as soon as possible. You should begin laying a solid foundation as soon as you get your dog. However, you shouldn’t just train them at any old time. It is important to make sure that they are not hungry, tired, or hot during training. These factors will decrease their focus and will severely decrease the effectiveness of what you’re trying to teach them.

Pitbulls are seriously some of the nicest and happiest dogs around. When trained in the correct way, they can make outstanding family pets that are gentle and sweet to everyone, even children, other dogs, and other pets like cats. By taking the five top training tips discussed above to heart, you’ll already be well on your way to having a well-trained and obedient pitbull pup.


Jessica Watts is a dog trainer and an occasional blogger. She spends her weekends playing with her Pitbulls and writing about her findings online.



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  1. Jon
    June 1, 2016 at 4:54 am — Reply

    The pit bull is the most ridiculed & misunderstood dog of all dogs.

  2. Jon
    June 1, 2016 at 4:51 am — Reply

    Steve I don’t want to come off the wrong way here by challenging what you’re saying but I’d bet my life that there is more to this than what you are claiming. First of all, pretty much any breed is capable of this. Not just pit bulls. A dogs behavior is a reflection of its master & how it was trained and treated by people in the past. I think it’s sad & unjust that people are so quick to condemn the pit bull breed. Its not fair to the animal. Far to many dogs are put down because of untrue & undeserved stigmas. I know a few pit bulls that would never bite or attack anyone. Even when provoked.

  3. September 23, 2015 at 10:24 am — Reply

    Great posting! Pitbull puppies do need to be trained the correct way and if done right you can have full control over them.

  4. Steve Young
    October 4, 2013 at 5:47 pm — Reply

    Sorry Jessica but I disagree with you. Mostly because I’ve seen the bad side of the pit bulls who were supposed to be well trained etc. An 80 year old Grandmother who had been living with her grandchildren for quite a while, and had been around the dog. Unfortunately, the Paramedics couldn’t get there in time to save the woman, and the dog wouldn’t let them in. Second one was a young girl playing in her back yard with her dolls when the pit bull jumped the fence and viciously attacked her. I took the little girl to our local trauma center. The surgeons worked on her for over 8 hours to try to sew up over 85 bites on her. If I hadn’t been involved with her I might have changed my mind, but I still believe in the states that outlawed pit bulls.

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