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Unmanageable Dogs and Newborns

Unmanageable dogs and newborns, a delicate situation for parents with dogs they love. Newborns are a source of joy for parents, siblings, grandparents, and close friends …. changing lives and disrupting regular routines. This is felt not only by humans, but also by family dogs or family pets who are properly trained.

However, unmanageable dogs and newborns are an entirely different matter. The family dog has been the center of attention up until this point,  and suddenly are required to share the limelight. They become disobedient and unmanageable when they have had no training or prior preparation for the big event. The infant is a stranger and someone they do not recognize as belonging in the household.

dogs and newbornsTo avoid future problems, expecting parents need to prepare their dog or dogs before the arrival of the newborn or an adopted infant …avoiding problems with dogs who are disobedient around infants or children. Newborns and new children in the family can become life-changing events that animals do not understand.

It is important to understand that disobedient canines are not necessarily naughty or mean; they just lack the understanding of what is going on around them if sudden changes have occurred they are unprepared for.

Here are a couple of steps you can follow to help your dog easily make the transition:

Changing the Routine of Dogs Around Newborns

New expectant parents may not know how much time goes into raising a tiny infant. As an expectant parent yourself, you need to understand that you are probably going to spend more time with your baby than you think. If your dog is used to non-stop attention, they will probably get bored, frustrated or jealous when your baby arrives.

It is important to get your dog used to different routines before the newborn arrives.

  • Do little things to throw your pets for a loop that they are not used to.
  • Help in any way to get them accustomed to change so they will not develop a reputation for being a disobedient canine.
  • Makes sure you still praise your dog for any good deeds from new routines.
  • When you take your infant for a walk, also take your dog for a walk as before … the new routine will be the infant, not the walk.
  • Choose some new tricks to teach your dog in your spare time when the infant is sleeping, remembering to praise heartedly.
  • Allow your dog to remain with you when you are feeding the baby or rocking it to sleep. The soothing voice or lullabies will relax both the infant and the animal.
  • If you need to leave your dog alone, leave soft music on for music or a dog show on TV to keep him entertained for a while.
  • Always reward the dog with favorite snacks and lots of love, as you did before.

Use Food Dispensing Toys as a Training Tool

Another fun way to keep your dog entertained while you are concentrating on your newborn is to give them food dispensing toys. A Kong Ball, or Atomic Treat can be used to burn your pet’s extra energy.

If you choose a stuffed toy, pack it with a mixture of Steve’s real food, and freeze it for hours of tasty fun. Your dog will keep himself occupied for hours while you keep yourself busy with your newborn. Fill these toys with tasty treats and spread them throughout your house. Your dog will have a blast finding and working on getting the stuffing out of them.

Acclimate Unmanageable Dogs to the Sounds of Newborns

Babies can be loud, and if your dog hasn’t spent much time around young children, then these sounds can be confusing and you may find your dog competing with the noise.

  • Download baby sounds and burn them to a CD.
  • Play this CD every once in a while.
  • Eventually, your dog will get used to the sound of crying and whining. Eventually, these noises won’t even phase him.
  • When the newborn begins crying, do not abruptly jump up with a nervous reaction. They will think the baby is the cause of the problem and associate negative feelings with the infant’s sound.

In the long-run, you know what is best for your dog. Try to figure out what your dog needs to work on before the baby arrives. Try to find ways to work around obstacles and prepare your dog for what it is about to experience. The more you prepare, the lower your dog’s stress levels will be, and the happier everyone in the family is.

Unmanageable dogs and newborns will never be a nasty situation to deal with if they receive proper training before the baby arrives, so their behavior will be calm and accepting. Over the years, the child and dog will become best friends and play companions!

Brooke Chaplin

As the guest writer for this article, Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She loves to write about health, home, and fitness. She recommends Steve’s real food as a great way to reward good pet behavior. Look for Brooke on Twitter @BrookeChaplan.”


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