Weimaraner, Perfect Dog for Bird Hunting

The Weimaraner, also called the “ghost dog” or “silver ghost,” was originally bred in the 1800s for the royalty. They hunted boar, bear, and deer. Now the Weimaraner is considered the perfect dog for bird hunting.

Bird hunting is a sport that has been around for a long time. A majority of bird hunters prefer to have bird hunting dogs by their side. It makes hunting much easier and is lots of fun in a group or with your dog as a companion.

“According to the Weimaraner Club of America, ‘The original Weimar Pointers appeared in the 19th century. They were prized for their versatile hunting skills and remarkable character. In the early part of the century, the Nobles of Weimar were avid sportsmen and hunted a variety of big game.’

“During the first century, the Nobles rigidly controlled the availability of the dogs. To insure the future of the breed, the German Weimaraner Club was formed. Membership was restricted and members only.”

There are a number of different breeds of bird hunting dogs out there, but few can match the Weimaraner’s diverse abilities, intelligence, strength and energy.

Read on to find out what makes Weimaraners such an excellent choice for hunting birds.


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The Weimaraner is an incredibly intelligent hunting breed

Weimaraners are known as “the dog with the human brain.” They are versatile dogs with sharp brains to hunt almost any bird. Their incredible noses, keen eyesight, high drive on game to help hunters locate, point and retrieve birds.

This hunting dog breed searches the field at a pace that’s comfortable to the hunter, making sure that its within sight of its master. They have a strong prey drive and might not be good with cats and other small animals. Also, they typically have a stronger protective instinct compared to other hunting dogs.

Endless adaptability

Most dog hunters value the ‘weim’s adaptability. The ‘weim is an excellent dog breed for hunting all types of birds, thanks to its endless adaptability. This is an adaptable breed of dog and is more than willing to share your lifestyle.

As mentioned, the dog was originally bred for hunting large animals. Eventually it became focused on game as the popularity for huge game hunting declined. They are often too fast to sound the alarm at every new sight — winners all around. The breed is also great at navigating rough and complex terrains and tends to be fearless and easily trained.

Competitive obedience


Credit: Weimaraner Club of America

A good bird hunting dog should perform well in open spaces, but never forgetting that his master is the lead dog. Weimaraners are perhaps one of the most loyal of hunting dog breeds today.

Their devotion makes them willing to please the hunter on the game. This devotion makes it very hard for a ‘weim to thrive well in a kennel or adapt properly to a routine of being left at home alone. They are affectionate and love to be near their master, always lying with body contact. Weimaraners, while highly intelligent, require basic obedience training to ensure puppies grow into well-mannered hunting dogs.

Strong and energetic

A fast and strong breed, Weimaraners are active and are renowned for their remarkable stamina, making them ideal for bird hunting. They don’t mind getting wet or muddy, so taking this breed bird hunting is such a great pleasure.

This elegant dog also has patience, profound retrieving capabilities as well as unmarked speed, making it an ideal choice for bird hunting. The dog is able to hunt many types of birds on almost any terrain. They tend to be confident and fair better in warmer water temperatures, especially if you get the shorthair breed.

Greater nose sensitivity

Bird dogs should be able to tirelessly search and retrieve wounded birds both in the field and in water using a thorough search patterns as well as keen sniffing skills.

Whether tracking, retrieving or pointing wounded birds the sensitive Weimaraner nose prepares this dog well for a number of searching challenges. They are also excellent swimmers. This means that you will be able to hunt a significant number of birds within a short period of time.

Highly skilled

Skilled, determined dogs make excellent bird hunting dogs as they help the owner to quickly solve problems and overcome hindrances. If you want a dog breed that keeps his two eyes on the prey, The Weimaraner is your bird hunting dog.

While they might not be the fastest or the biggest bird hunting dogs, they are truly skilled and smart hunters both on the open space and in the water. They are capable of blind retrieving and force retrieving birds.


There are many bird hunting dog breeds, but few can match the traits of Weimaraners.

Strong and powerful dogs, Weimaraners are very active and are renowned for their incredible stamina. Therefore, they can be kept active in the family setting. They are loyal and tend to take to training well but should be handled with care since they exhibit sensitive personalities.

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