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Yorkies, One of the Most Appreciated Dog Breeds

Dogs are excellent companions, with some breeds more appreciated than others. Such are the Yorkies, one of the most loved dog breeds in the United States. Considered a vigorous terrier breed, the little Yorkshire Terrier is also a delicate little dog that loves to be pampered and made-over.


Generally, most dogs are loyal and will care for you unconditionally. As a busy little terrier, the little Yorkie will protect you and use their senses to figure out where you are coming from. Furthermore, Yorkies are also excellent listeners, do not discriminate, and will never judge you…even if you are not behaving well towards them or others. Their hearts are huge.

Dog owners are capable of feeling sad, depressed, angry or happy. If you are in a bad mood, your little Yorkie will come running with its ball and try to cheer you up and change your world. A dog never hides his emotions and will love you unconditionally, even with all your imperfections.

Most dog lovers already have a favorite dog breed for their companion. They have chosen according to various aspects: their affinity with the breed, their lifestyle and the breed’s needs, behavior and physical features, temperament etc. According to studies, one of the most popular dog breeds is the Yorkie.

Yorkies, the most preferred companions

Have you ever wondered why Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most appreciated and wanted breed? Yorkies in Texas, California, New Mexico, Washington and Florida and all over the United States are preferred due to their unique features. Dog lovers appreciate this breed for their confident and outgoing attitude, their tenacity and boldness or their sweet appearance.

Yorkies and their unique features

Yorkies have a small head, flat on the top with a medium-sized muzzle, and a black nose. Their eyes are medium-sized and dark with dark eye rims and their ears are V-shaped. The Yorkie’s long, glossy coat is fine and silky, colored in steel blue or tan color falls straight down on either side, making them adorable.


Beyond their lovely appearance, Yorkies are alert, courageous, energetic, loyal, intelligent, independent and playful. They have a “big dog” attitude, adventurer, strong terrier instincts and a self-assured attitude that make them very attractive.

Known for their lively behavior, Yorkies are inquisitive, curious, excitable chasers of birds and butterflies and need physical and mental stimulation to keep their positive vibes. Due to their temperament and terrier instincts, they love to spend time checking things out which keeps their owner’s very busy. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about their toy-sized dog features. Of course, Yorkies are somehow fragile. But above all, they are lovers of comfort and beautiful fluffy pillows. They are elegant, fine-boned, easy to carry and they never need much space.

In addition, they shed very little, an excellent choice if you suffer from allergies. And…if you are busy and live in an apartment, the Yorkie is always a good option because they do not need a lot of indoor exercises But they do enjoy daily walks or outdoor play sessions if you want to avoid behavior problems. Due to their vigilance, Yorkies are skilled watchdogs, always announcing strangers.

How to prevent behavior problems in Yorkies

Despite all these excellent qualities, behavior can easily develop in this little dog. To say the least, Yorkies tend to become bossy and scrappy with other dogs, having the tendency to behave asif they were a larger dog.

Housebreaking is generally difficult in most smaller dogs, but if properly socialized this can easily be overcome. Early socialization is also excellent in keeping negative behavior under control: barking, the possessiveness of their food and toys, and helping them to get along with other pets.

Important is also shaping the Yorkie’s temperament, as they tend to be suspicious and shrill. If spoiled and lacking in dog training, they will end up as badly behaved dogs. Set clear limits and start training when they are puppies. Let them explore new things, sights, meet new people and animals, and they will become excellent companions. Remember that Yorkshire Terriers are highly intelligent and quick learners.

Taking care of a Yorkie

If you are looking for a Yorkie or already have one, you should keep in mind that they are fragile dogs due to their toy size and are exposed to various risks if are not properly cared. But all dog breeds have to be well cared to be well-rounded and healthy.  Add playful personality and a high intelligence to the package, choosing a York is why so many dog owners have chosen this dog.

About the author:
Alex is the Director of Communications for Lone Star Pups, a purebred & designer dog breeder that offers the best selection of Yorkie puppies in Texas. Alex has a Master degree in Communication from Michigan State University and tremendously loves his dog that he rescued from a shelter a few years ago.


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  1. November 28, 2016 at 11:34 pm — Reply

    They are gorgeous dogs.

    We see them trotting around our town quite often. Lots of Yorkie owners here. Always friendly, never barking back at other dogs. Can see exactly why they’re in such huge demand!

    Plus… those faces.

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