Yorkshire Terrier Puppies – Pros and Cons

A little Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful teacup puppy that has been known to instantly win over your heart. They are also an ideal companion for families, elderly, disabled or single homes. The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed that is one of the most popular and well-loved breeds of among many. But like most small breeds, the Yorkshire terrier has good points and points that need to be worked with a little more than others. However, all their negative points can be worked with simply by choosing the right puppy for you, using gentle-training, and learning to respect one another so obedience is an act of love, not a disciplinary demand.

First of all, let’s begin with what’s good about Yorkshire Terrier puppies because it is, definitely, a lot to say for this wonderful small breed.

Pros of Yorkshire Terrier puppies

yorkie_puppy1. Yorkies are small puppies, easy to carry around and do not need too much space. Due to their size and character, they are happy with the apartment living. They have six or seven inches in height and weigh about seven pounds at maturity.
2. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are hypoallergenic. They do not shed as much as many other breeds, which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers.
3. The Yorkshire Terriers do not require a lot of exercise. It is enough for him a walk once or twice a day. Even you have a yard it is important to take him outside for long walks. Exercise is healthy for him and it will keep him in a good shape.
4. Yorkies are loving, loyal and affectionate puppies. They love to spent time around people, especially around their master. Yorkies love interaction with humans.
5. A Yorkie makes a great watchdog. He is a brave and courageous little dog, and will let you know when strangers enter the house.
6. The Yorkshire Terrier is friendly and sociable. He is a perfect companion for everyone, especially for the elderly and the children, to whom he is very protective.
7. The Yorkshire Terrier is a puppy without too many health problems. He is generally a healthy dog, especially if you choose the right puppy breeder to adopt from. But as with many small breeds, he is sensitive regarding his teeth, being prone to the premature loss of teeth. But with a proper dental care and a special high quality food, you will avoid this problem.
8. A Yorkie pup is easy to train. The Yorkshire Terrier is a clever puppy; he learns quickly and easily different commands and different tricks, being really funny. He enjoys fetch, flyball, hide and seek and other games for agility and obedience. He can be stubborn sometimes. This is why it is necessary to start training at an early age.
9. The Yorkshire Terrier puppy is a bundle of energy and joy for every family. He loves excitement and have a lot of energy. He is always interested in doing funny things, so you have to give him different things to do, to keep him happy and satisfies.


Cons of Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Many people would love to have a Yorkie puppy in his life, but he isn’t the right dog for just anyone. There are some particular issues you may not want to deal with, so you have to keep all these in mind before getting a mini Yorkshire Terrier.

1. The Yorkie may be a little difficult to housebreak, but with consistency and patience your little dog will learn.
2. Yorkshire Terriers aren’t suitable for people who travel most of their time. When they are left too much alone, they can suffer from separation anxiety and this will lead to a lot of barking and destructive behavior. So try to make sure that your puppy gets as much company as possible.
3. Yorkies require a special care. They need daily brushing and combing and a regular trimming to keep their coat short and healthy.
4. They can develop a suspicious behavior, if they are spoiled too much when they are babies or if they haven’t socialized enough.
5. The Yorkshire Terrier puppy is very fragile, small and delicate. His bones can break easily if he falls. Because he is so small, he is sensitive to very low temperatures. Also, rough play with this puppy can be harmful.

Finding out what’s good and bad about Yorkshire Terrier puppies will help you understand if this small breed is good for you. If you are looking to adopt or want to buy a Yorkie puppy, I recommend a great and responsible Yorkie puppy breeder in Washington DC by clicking here. But keep in mind that the owner of a Yorkie has to be always watchful and protective with his small dog.

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7 Responses:

  1. Maureen

    - 26th Feb, 17 01:02am

    I have had 3 yokies and I did not find them hard to potty train at all . The one I got now was going on the pee pad after only one week, she is 4 months and runs to pad by door

    Reply to this comment

    • WayCoolDogs (author comment)

      - 27th Feb, 17 09:02am

      Excellent. I have found some dogs pick things up quicker than others. And any type of terrier is intelligent and very busy!

      Reply to this comment

  2. Philip

    - 27th Jan, 17 01:01pm

    My yorkie release herself at night in the correct place but by day she release her pee where ever she wants. Can you help please.

    Reply to this comment

  3. Anna

    - 28th Jun, 16 10:06am

    Thank you for sharing these facts about yorkie puppies. However I think that they are not so difficult for house training. If you do the right things your puppy will learn where to poo and pee very fast. But you should have realistic expectations. You can’t think that 4 month puppy will hold it for 8 hours.

    Reply to this comment

    • WayCoolDogs (author comment)

      - 21st Jul, 16 04:07pm

      Yes, you are correct, Anna. And your thoughts should be for all small dogs … not just Yorkies. The rules for house-breaking small dogs is nothing like rules for house-breaking larger dogs, right?


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  4. Delores Lyon

    - 8th Jun, 15 02:06pm

    Thanks for sharing all of this information about the Yorkshire Terrier. My husband and I have been trying to pick the right dog for our little family, so we have been reading about all the different breeds. It is so nice that the Yorkie is hypoallergenic– our son is mildly allergic to cats, so a Yorkie would be a perfect fit. It wouldn’t be fun if he couldn’t play with his own pet!

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